BNI – Bladder Neck Incision in India

The operation of Bladder Neck Incision involves incision in the neck of the bladder. Bladder Neck Incision is commonly known as BNI. This operation is done to improve the flow of urine. It also reduces the urinary pressure in the bladder. In the bladder neck a telescope is inserted through the urethra. This way the obstruction is checked and then removed. Bladder Neck Incision is done for free flow of urine, to remove stones from kidney and to cure serious urine infection. The surgery takes 30-60 minutes. General or spinal anesthesia is given to the patient.

The process of the surgery

In Bladder Neck Incision, first a telescope is passed through the urethra in the bladder. Now the blockage is seen. Then with a knife the blockage is removed carefully. Once the blockage is removed a catheter is inserted in the bladder. This helps the bleeding and wound to heal up fast.

The complications of the surgery

Bladder Neck Incision has few complications, like :

There are chances of infection, post surgery



Damage in the urethra and bladder

Symptoms before Bladder Neck Incision

You will know that you need to undergo Bladder Neck Incision when you get the following symptoms :

Dribbling while passing urine

Blood in urine

Leakage of urine while coughing

Stoppage of urine

Bladder Neck Incision

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