What is OIU (Optical Internal Urethrotomy)

The surgery that involves removal of the body tissues in the urethra for the stricture is called Urethrotomy. Optical Urethrotomy is another name of direct visual internal Urethrotomy. This process does not have much of success rate. There are many hospitals is India where you can undergo Optical Internal Urethrotomy. OIU is also termed for Optical Internal Urethrotomy.

The process of Optical Internal Urethrotomy

Optical Internal Urethrotomy uses an endoscopic device, which is called urethrotome. With this and with a sharp knife the incision is done in the urethra. This operation is done in men and the success rate is below 10%. Still, for urethral strictures this is a popular treatment. The process removes the unwanted tissues.

The risk involved in Optical Internal Urethrotomy

The risks involved in Optical Internal Urethrotomy are the followings:

Infection in the urinary track

Infection in the operated place

Wound dehiscence

Excessive bleeding

Recurrence of urethral stricture

Post operation tips

You need to be very careful after operation. You will be given a catheter. It may remain for 2 days to 2 weeks. Few things you need to avoid after the surgery, like:

Do not lift heavy objects

Must drink 2 liters of water

Do not drive for a week

The other alternatives to Endopyelotomy are Dilatation, Open Pyeloplasty and Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty.

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