Gall Bladder Surgery

What is a Gall Bladder Surgery?

Gallbladder surgery, also assign to as Cholecystectomy, is the method that connects the removal of the gallbladder (a pear-shaped organ below the liver on the upper side of the abdomen). The surgery is required if a person experiences pain from gallstones that obstructs the flow of the bile. The method is minimally invasive and uses small incisions in the abdomen that permit a surgeon to gain approach of the gallbladder with the guidance of surgical tools such as a laparoscope (a high definition camera). Sometimes a big incision is also made for removing the gallbladder and the method is known as open Cholecystectomy.

Symptoms of Gallstones

Infection of the gallbladder

Significant abdominal pain

Significant recurrence of indigestion

Serious vomiting or nausea attributed to gallbladder stones

Who should consider Gallbladder Surgery

The laparoscopy has much assistance but the method may not be applicable for those patients who previous had upper abdominal surgery. The patients who had some pre-existing medical situation are also not convenient for gallbladder surgery. A thorough examination of the patient is done in order to determine whether or not the method is right for you.

The Conditions that Causes Gallbladder Problems

If a gallstone blocks the common bile duct then the condition of Jaundice may develop.

It is not clear as to why some people form gallstones.

The gallstones are responsible for causing gallbladder problems.

The gallstones can obstruct the flow of bile out of the gallbladder. This causes swelling of the gallbladder that results in severe abdominal pain, indigestion and vomiting.

Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Cholecystectomy is the surgical method for removing the gallbladder. While operating traditional surgery, a long incision of about 5-8 inches is made in the abdomen for removing the gallbladder. The incision is made beneath the ribs on the right side and reaches down the waist. This method is termed as open Cholecystectomy.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is the newer method for removing the gallbladder. A huge definition camera is used for consider inside the body and the doctor vision the patient’s gallbladder on a TV screen. The surgeon then does the surgery with surgical tools that are including in three tiny cuts in the right uppermost part of the abdomen. The surgeon then takes out the gallbladder by the means of one of the incisions.

Benefits of Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal Surgery

The patients can go home within a day.

A faster recovery period where the patients can get back to their normal activities.

Patients have minimal post-operative pain.

Instead of 5-7 inch large incision, the procedure requires 4 small openings in the abdomen.

Patients also experience a quicker recovery than open gallbladder surgery patients.

Living without a Gallbladder

The person can live an ordinary life without a gallbladder. Though the organ can be effective but it is not needed. The liver of a person will still produce bile for digesting the food. By support simple lifestyle changes, a person can live an ordinary life. Some of the lifestyle changes include-

Avoid eating a large quantity of food after fasting all day.

Eat small and frequent meals.

Adopt a low-fat diet regime.

Avoid eating fried and high calorie food.

Cost of Gallbladder Surgery

The gallbladder surgery in India is both beneficial and cost-effective. India is the only country in the world where a patient can avail the best treatment at 10-30% of the amount of the same method in US or any other developed country. The best qualified surgeons are applicable in all the hospitals in India.

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