Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Laser Surgery

What is Laser Surgery?

Lasers (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) develop a coherent beam and emit one definitive beam of wavelength. The lasers are categorically directed towards tissue of disparate types so as to produce a strong heat. This strong heat works by destroying the tissues without unpleasant the neighboring region. The intensity and understanding of lasers depend on the different treatments. Laser technology is extensively used in the areas of dermatology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, superficial, podiatry, in specific cancer analysis, urology and dentistry.

It is imperative to know that lasers cannot modernize the skin or cannot treat or lift loose neck skin. These problems and conditions involve surgical methods only.

What is Cosmetic Laser Surgery?

Cosmetic treatments are now increasingly implemented by using laser technology. Cosmetic laser surgery is used for treating acne scars, treatment of vascular lesions, skin reappear for wrinkle reduction, precancerous lesions, tattoos, pigmented blemishes such as moles and age spots and also for hair removal.

Types of Cosmetic Lasers

Here are different types of lasers having a particular wavelength, penetration and utility range.

Pulse Dye Laser: Vascular Lesions are treated with the help of this radiation. Such as nevus flemmus, hypertrophic scars, portwine stains, keloids and hemangiomas. Pigmented nevi can also be treated with the help this laser. Telangiectasia, blushing and vein can be considered by using long pulsed dye laser.

Ruby Laser: Ruby lasers are very efficient in disqualify tattoos, freckles, peri orbital pigmentation, nevi and café-au-lait spots, brown pigmented disorders like actininc lengtigenes and expound blue veins.

Co2 Laser Surgery: This type of laser treats fine lines, actinic chelitis, acne scars, sun damage, chicken pox scars, wrinkles and rhinophyma.

Diode Laser: This type of laser is ideal for treating dark skin and for leg veins. In both these treatments long pulsed diode laser is used.

Erbium YAG Laser or ND-YAG Laser: This laser is used to treat acne scars (resurfacing), blue tattoo removal, wrinkles, dermal pigmented lesions, professional tattoos and precancerous lesions.

Argon Laser: The laser is used for treating skin diseases like acne rosacea, fine veins, spider nevi, Hemangiomas and A-V malformations.

Alexandrite Laser: With the help of rapid pulsed (alexandrite laser) benign pigmented lesions and tattoos can be removed. Hair can be removed by using long pulsed (alexandrite laser).

Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Facial Laser Hair Removal: This cosmetic laser proceeding focuses on hair roots and melanin by properly accommodate the power and spectrum of the laser. The laser heats the tissue which has resulted in hair improvement. With excessive heat, the laser breaks down the cells of the tissues. The aim is to focus on follicles only. The whole proceeding takes generally 20 minutes to complete. This analysis is effective for many years.

Laser Surgery for Acne: The objective of the blue spectrum light is to hit the acne prone area. This light goes through the outer dermal tissue into the tissues concerned by bacteria. The strategy takes very less time of about thirty minutes for evaluate the full face. This procedure has no side-effects.

Laser Skin Resurfacing: This proceeding associate many conference in order to plan out the surgery better. The purpose of this surgery is to encourage the expansion of natural collagen and also disqualify dermal tissue outer layers to get a softer and vibrant skin. This treatment is compelling for about 5-6 months. The facial problems that can be treated are-

Improves Complexion

Treats acne and chicken pox scars

Treats tanned and aged skin

Treats wrinkles surrounding the eyes, mouth and forehead

Treats birth marks

Treats large oil glands on the nose

Treats warts

Age Spot Removal: The aim of this surgery is to diminish the brown spots on the skin due to over sun publicity and develop. When the laser go through in the skin, the pigmentation tissue breaks and results in removal of brown spots. For best results it requires two to three discussion.

Rosacea- The tiny red blood vessels develop and break generate spots in the nose and the cheeks area. Theses are generally known as adult acne. The spots can be treated and can be remedy by the laser ray.

Spider Veins- The spider veins can be establish during pregnancy or in the bodies of the over weight person. Theses veins can be detached by the laser analysis and that results to the permanent cure of the problem.

Gum Recontouring- This is a cosmetic dentistry to recountour your gum so that you will have a beautiful smile which will enrich your personality.

Red-nose syndrome- The regular enlarging, misshaping and reddening of the nose can be treated for by the cosmetic laser rays.

Laser Surgery Wrinkles- By the laser rays the wrinkles can be removed. You can achieve a plain and tight skin which will make you to look young and fresh.

Eyelid surgery- The irregular lid drooping, overhanging upper lids can be treated by the rays. You can have proper eyes and the eyelids which will not only give you an obstacle less view but confidence.

Laser Scar Removal: This surgery requires a concerned and thorough study of the patient’s keloid, hypertrophic (acne scars), skin type and scar type. All these factors change the concentration and wavelength appropriate to be used in the skin. In a mechanical sense, the intensity of the light on the deep tissue pass through the growth of natural collagen manufacture which was earlier disrupted. As a result of which the skin gets thick and the scar area looks like the tissues.

Stretch Mark Laser Removal: This one of the most prevalent complication which change both men and women. The stretch marks can be due to the increase spurts, irregular weight, or may have advanced after pregnancy. With the development of new techniques and therapies, a drastic change can be accomplish in treating both old and new stretch marks. It is also possible to decrease the stretch marks absolutely.

Vascular Birthmarks: With the help of this laser treatment, the Telangiectasias (blood vessel) can be destroyed without discouraging the nearby tissues. The causes for vascular birthmarks can occur due to hormones process, sun disclosure, rosacea, aging growth and medications.

Laser Tattoo Removal: The laser treatment can effectively and completely remove tattoos and also long-lasting makeup. The various observation of the laser targets every colored ink of the tattoo. These tattoos consume the energy of the lasers and divide into little fragments which can be easily cleansed. Red and orange inks are very difficult to remove in observation to black ink which can be easily detached.

Laser Eye Surgery: Excimer Laser Surgery (laser eye surgery) can treat complication associated to vision like astigmatism, long and short sightedness. Laser eye surgery is very efficient surgery which can forever

Permanently correct the vision and the patient is not compulsory to wear contact lenses or glasses.

Benefits of Laser Cosmetic Surgery

Reduces the after surgery discomfort

Reduces wrinkles

Also decreases the changes of specific cancers

Does not involve immense blood loss

Removes blemishes and birthmarks

Results in better healing of the wound

Cosmetic Laser Surgery Recovery

The patient can recover in a few days time. The patient is also considered to follow certain precautions. To avoid pigmentation, publicity to sun should be completely avoided. Usage of cosmetic products should also be avoided. After some days, the patient can get back to its daily routine life.

Cost of Cosmetic Laser Surgery

India’s medical tourism is famous for its economical cosmetic laser analysis. All the superficial clinics in India use the latest technologies and contribute the best services to its patients. Many international patients visit India for getting their cosmetic laser surgeries.

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