Prostrate Biopsy

Prostrate Biopsy in India

A Prostrate Biopsy is needed to confirm the presence of cancerous tissues that are likely to affect the prostrate glands. It is an essential test for people having a high risk of cancer. Although men worry about the pain involved in the procedure, it is far from being real. The fear of pain puts off men from undergoing the test on time.

Procedure for Prostrate Biopsy

There are a number of procedures for Prostrate Biopsy.

Hard core needle biopsy In this technique the biopsy gun fires small needles in the prostrate area and they are removed seconds after collecting the blood samples. This method determines not only the cancerous tissues but also determine the portion of damage.

Incision through urethra For few cases, the patient is put under anesthesia, an insertion is made through the urethra, and sample is collected for further test. This procedure takes around 45 minutes.

Needle biopsy Here the sample is collected from the perineum, the area between the scrotum and rectum through insertion of needle. Local anesthesia is used in this procedure as well.

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