Bladder Biopsy

What is Bladder Biopsy

The malignant growth in the urinary bladder is known as bladder cancer. The cancer makes extra cells and tissues grow in the bladder and it has no control over it. This cancer is determined by Bladder Biopsy. The Bladder Biopsy is a part of cystoscopy. The place where the growth has occurred, small portion of that area is sent to the laboratory. This test detects cancer in the bladder or in the urethra.

The process of Bladder Biopsy

With the doctor consultation, portions or tissues of the bladder are sent for examination. The entire process is also a part of cystoscopy. An instrument with light is passed through the urethra in the bladder. This will show the abnormalities in the bladder. The test results can show two things:

A visible tumor

Abnormalities in the bladder

The sensation while the lighted instrument passes the urethra is a little uncomfortable. You might also feel to urinate. After the examination the bladder might be a little sore.

Bladder Biopsy

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Steps before Bladder Biopsy

There are few steps to be followed before Bladder Biopsy.

Consent from the patient’s side needs to be signed.

Patient is required to urinate before the examination.

At times anti biotic is taken before the examination.

Exceptions are taken as per age.

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