Endopyelotomy Surgery

Endopyelotomy is done to treat the obstruction at ureteropelvic junction (UPJ). The upper part of the ureter is known as renal pelvis. Endopyelotomy involves removal of the obstruction from the renal pelvis. There are many hospitals in India where you can get Endopyelotomy done. The reason for the obstruction may be due to congenital abnormalities, fibrous scarring, stone and infection. These damages the tissues of the kidney. So, with the process of Endopyelotomy, such damages are cured. This process is popular.

The process of Endopyelotomy

The process of Endopyelotomy involves two approaches. Both the procedures include anesthesia and it takes around two days.

Antegrade Endopyelotomy: A Nephrostomy tube is used to approach the ureteropelvic junction by side. The obstruction from the ureteropelvic junction is removed with a blade. The tube is left after the surgery. The entire surgery takes 3-4 hours.

Retrograde Endopyelotomy: In this process the ureteropelvic junction is approached through the urethra. It involves balloons that remove the obstruction. This involves less of complication than Antegrade Endopyelotomy. The entire surgery takes 2 hours.

The benefits of Endopyelotomy

There are several benefits of Endopyelotomy, as:

Less time consuming

Fact recovery

Not painful

Less medication required

Small incisions

Less scarring

Risk of Endopyelotomy

There are few risks involved in the process of Endopyelotomy.

Excessive bleeding

Failure of operation


Injury in the urinary wall and bladder


Hospital assists the patients to undergo Endopyelotomy is a hassle free way. The Urological department is efficient and well organized. There are different packages available for Endopyelotomy. You need to stay at hospital for this surgery for 3-4 days. The surgery will be done under high class medical supervision and in low cost.

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